Mattress cleaning is like a ritual you should follow for better health and maintenance of your mattresses. Due to negligence or a mishap, your mattress may experience a nasty stain, which may take months to fade off completely. Sometimes it never does. And even when it does, it also takes away your mattress’s colour and shine as well. So worry not if you have mattress cleaning requirements. Here you have been covered for the elaborate topic of ugly mattress stains and how to clean a mattress thoroughly to make it stain-free.

It is essential to clean stains, as stains are a sign of germs and bacteria. Also, they make your mattress look dirty and unhygienic for use. It also gives a wrong impression to the people using it, like guests. So it should be your habit to never leave a stain on the mattress for long. If you can clean it immediately, and if you can’t, at least put effort into not letting it spread and turn permanent.

So to clean mattress stains effectively, calling professional mattress cleaners on time works well and so it does the job for you.

Mattress staining- how do mattresses get stains?

Regular use exposes your mattress to wear and tear and staining. You may be unaware, but with time it may have a lot of pests, germs and nasty spots that can make it look bad and ugly. Also, hygienically speaking, sleeping on a stained mattress is not good, especially if the stain is from flood water, urine or edible items and beverages. So to learn how to clean a mattress, it is better to first understand how it gets stained and what to avoid doing to save it from staining.

Stains on mattresses can be due to many reasons:

  • Any accidental spillage can cause stains on the mattresses
  • The urine of kids or pets can make the mattress get a nasty smell and a big patch of stain
  • Any sudden storm can bring in a pool of water inside the room and can flood the mattress with water
  • Kids playing on the mattress can stain it
  • Mattresses can also get stains due to food spillage. If you eat food on the beds, then it may stain your mattress
  • Accidental flooding can cause mattress staining with grey or black floodwater
  • Locked home dust accumulation can also cause the mattress to stain
  • Bed bugs can spoil mattresses too
  • Mattress can get stains due to mould patches in humid areas

And so on. The list is endless. So you need a professional mattress cleaner to save your mattress from any mishap that can turn permanent.

How to clean mattress stains effectively?

If you want to understand and learn how to clean mattress stains, what works best is to follow a professional. Professionals have the knowledge to deal with stubborn stains and their smells.

Let’s see how they do it.

Locate the stains

Locating the stains is the first step to see what your mattress needs to work on. There may be multiple stains on multiple parts or a single big patch. Locate them all.

Understand the cause of stain

Know the cause of the stain, whether it is urine, food or flood water. Understand the stain type so you can choose the treatment and technique accordingly. Like urine stains need more attention as they are infectious.

Soak the stain in vinegar, water, baking soda and other safe solvents

Soak the stained part with an effective and natural mattress cleaner. You must choose safe solutions to treat the stains, as the delicate mattress fabric needs soft cleaners. You can use a solution of vinegar, water and baking soda over a stain to get it off quickly without damaging the mattress’s fabric.

Let the stain get time to get off

Give time to the solution to work on the stain. Leave it for some time before cleaning it. Giving it some time helps it get off from the mattresses.

Clean the stain with a damp cloth

After leaving the solution for some time, clean it with a damp cloth for better results. You can repeat the cleaning steps until the stains get off completely.

Dry the mattress

After cleaning the stain, dry the mattress. You can use professional dryers or air dry the mattress. You can also put the mattress under direct sunlight as it may dry quickly and get disinfected too.

Deodorise and kill the germs by sanitising the mattress

To finish the process, deodorise and sanitise the mattress to make it smell good and kill the bacteria and germs. Now the mattress is good to use.

So if you wish to have a clean mattress to sleep on, wake up and call the best cleaners to help your mattress get free from stains and their aftereffects.

Why need a professional mattress cleaner?

It must concern you when you have a stained mattress. A mattress is needed for sound sleep and it should be perfectly cleaned and smell good, too. Stains, on the contrary, make the mattress look ugly, smell bad and make it impossible for you to sleep soundly. So for a clean mattress, you only need a professional cleaner with the necessary tools and equipment to serve you at the earliest.

Also, on-time cleaning is necessary for mattress stains to remain less damaging. So you must call an expert team as:

  • Professional cleaners have equipment and tools that are result-oriented
  • Mattresses need modern tools that do not harm them. Professionals bring those for you
  • Professional cleaners are on time and understand emergency cleaning needs
  • Experts understand the mattress’s stain cleaning needs well, so they are perfect for them
  • Professionals have the solution to deal with mattress stains and remove them
  • Experts also sanitise a mattress after cleaning and perfuming it with deodorisers and organic fragrances
  • Professionals know all the required treatments and how to clean mattress stains effectively for you

So get in touch with the best mattress cleaners and stay stain-free, and also  keep your mattress germ-free for a long time. A professional is always the best to keep your mattress in good condition.

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