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Are you looking for qualified water extraction cleaner? Water extraction service by us is your all-in-one solution. At Emergency Flood Restoration Perth, we provide advanced cleaning, drying, and restoration solutions for your carpets. Our qualified technicians have an expert understanding of water extraction and drying.

We always utilise commercial-grade cleaning equipment and methods. It allows us to restore the clean and safe condition of your water damage carpet. Our water extraction services also come with emergency response teams and 24/7 availability.

Benefits of Emergency Water Extraction

To save a few bucks, several homeowners consider performing water extraction at home. You may go ahead and attempt the exhausting process. However, the results are often disappointing. Attempting DIY isn’t suggested by water extraction cleaner as the risk of spreading contaminated water is high.

Rely on professionals and understand the benefits associated with water extraction services.

Simply removing water from the premises isn’t the way of assuring hygiene. DIY tricks can help you in getting rid of water, but your house remains contaminated with germs.

Water extraction experts make sure to clean and disinfect your house. The risk of mould growth and health problems gets eliminated with professional water damage cleaning services.

Water extraction specialists are well-trained, certified, and experienced at performing thorough cleaning and restoration of the property. All such attributes assure quick, effective, and guaranteed services.

Hiring professionals helps in reaching the root cause of the flooding problem and then fixing it. Water extraction cleaner have an eye for spotting the sources and stop them from reoccurring.

Our Carpet Water Extraction Service Perth

Water damages are caused by washing machine overflows, pipe bursts, roof leaks, and sewage backups. All of these damages require immediate attention and treatment. Otherwise, your carpet is likely to get permanently damaged and will need replacement. Our emergency water extraction includes flood water extraction services Perth WA. You can call us any time of the day or night, and our experts will be at your doorstep within the hour.

When your wet carpet goes untreated for a while, the water causes bad odours, stains, bacteria, allergens, mould, and contaminations. It can turn your carpet into a health hazard. This kind of water damage carpet causes several health issues for you and your loved ones. With our water extraction Perth, you get advanced cleaning equipment and methods. Our carpet water extraction service Perth is customised to speed up the process of carpet drying and restoration.

Process of Water Extraction Perth

Before initiating water extraction services our team inspects the condition of the property for risk assessment. While following all safety measures, our water extraction experts determine the water level and moisture content inside the carpets and floorings.

In the next step, the water extraction service Perth process is initiated using modern devices. Before water removal, all the belongings from the floorings should be kept aside. We make sure to move your furniture to a dry place before performing emergency water extraction.

In case the intensity of water is high, our team uses pumps for the extraction of water from the premises. Later, all the drying equipment and fans are placed inside the flooded rooms for quick structure drying.

Depending on the category of water, your premises are cleaned and disinfected before drying. Concluding the flood water extraction process, our experts do a thorough inspection to assure maximum satisfaction is delivered to the customers.

What Water Extraction Cleaner – Things to Do

Remove standing water, in case the water inflow has stopped.

Move furniture and other belongings to a dry and safe place. Wipe the legs of the furniture if they are wet.

Rugs and doormats should be picked up and dried.

If the curtains touch ground, lift them to avoid moisture absorption.

Open up doors and windows and turn on fans for improving ventilation

Turn off the power supply to avoid getting electric shocks.

Things You Should NOT Do

Never use general vacuum cleaners for extracting water from the premises. The method isn’t effective and even leaves your vacuum cleaners damaged.

Don’t try to lift carpets that are soaked in water, as they are fixed to the floors. Careless handling of wet carpets can lead to tearing and irreversible damages.

Don’t delay in contacting emergency water extraction.

In case sewage water has entered your premises, avoid cleaning it by yourself. Don’t risk your health by getting exposed to heavily contaminated water. Leave the task for professionals.

Avoid using any kind of electrical appliances while the carpets or floorings are wet.

Our Flood Water Extraction Services Perth WA?

Flooding accidents can be sudden and devastating. Emergency Flood Restoration Perth understands the sensitivity of the situation and provides quick water extraction services to both residential and commercial locations.

Contact our water extraction experts and get your commercial and residential property restored from water damage. All our services remain available 24×7 and all year long. Book our services now and receive a quote free!

Why Hire Water Extraction Experts

At Emergency Flood Restoration Perth, we have strong relationships with many restoration equipment manufacturers. This provides us with access to the latest water extraction/other equipment. With such equipment, our certified technicians can customise appropriate water extraction methods for various carpets.

Without proper care and precautions, certain carpets get more damaged during the treatment. Therefore, we always study your carpet and its water damages. Our experts then choose suitable water extraction equipment and methods. With our Perth’s water extraction solutions, your carpet will be restored to normal in no time.

Emergency Flood Restoration Perth is a widely recognised company in Australia. Our emergency water extraction includes certified experts, advanced methods, and the use of commercial-grade equipment. In short, we can always guarantee satisfactory results. You can give us a call us 0480029224 any time and our experts will be at your property within the hour.


1. How does water extraction work?

Ans- water extraction is the process of removing excess water from your property by using necessary equipment such as industrial-grade pumps and vacuums.

2. Can water be used for extraction?

Ans – Yes, water extraction experts use hot water to extract the dirt and dust sitting on the carpet and fabric. Unlike other processes, hot water does not destroy the fabric of the carpet.

3. Is steam cleaning the same as hot water extraction?

Ans – water extraction services use both hot and steam water extraction processes and both are

different from each other. In the hot water process, the dirt is broken down by applying a cleaning solution to the surface then hot water is released that cleans the fiber of your carpet.

Water is heated to extremely high temperatures in the steam cleaning process. The pressurized water then breaks dirt and dust and lifts them to the surface.

4. How is water extraction cleaned?

Ans –  Trained experts at water extraction cleaners use industry-grade hot water extraction machine which helps them completely clean the dirty carpet making sure the fabric is not harmed.

5. Is hot water extraction good for carpet?

yes, water extraction is good for carpets as it efficiently removes the dirt and soil that is present on the surface without harming the fabric of the carpet.

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