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Whether it’s a commercial establishment or a residential property, Emergency Flood Restoration Perth is your all-in-one solution for various water damages. As Perth’s wet carpet drying experts, we have IICRC certified technicians to provide the most effective solutions for you. Our carpet water damage clean-up services have saved many homes and commercial properties from permanent water damages.

We provide advanced water damage carpet restoration solutions in Perth. Water damage carpet cleaning Perth service by us involve cutting-edge equipment, certified technicians, and effective methods. Your property could be in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth, for drying a wet carpet quickly from our company will be available for you all across Australia.

Risks Involve Flood Damage Carpet in Perth

When your flood damage carpet goes untreated for a long time, the water damage causes mildew germination and mould growth. While mould is not entirely visible for a few days, the fungi growth can cause several health issues for you and your loved ones. This can turn your carpet into a health hazard.

flood damage carpet is also a tripping hazard. This will eventually lead to unfortunate incidents at your home or commercial establishment. Flood damage carpet Perth the structural integrity of any property.

With our flood damage carpet Perth service, you can protect your carpets from many permanent damages. We make sure your carpets are free from stains, mould growth or contaminations.

What Causes Carpet Water Damage Cleanup?

Flooding can occur from various sources. However, the most common sources happen to include plumbing issues, faulty appliances, and storms. Excessive moisture content in carpets can cause significant damage. Therefore, drying a wet carpet quickly is necessary.

Let’s understand the common sources of water that cause carpet damage.

Plumbing Issues: The issue with pipe leakage can happen to anyone. No matter if the leakage is due to misaligned or broken pipes, it’s your carpets that always suffer the most. Make sure to keep your plumbing maintained so you don’t have to frequently avail wet carpet drying Perth. 

Regardless of the intensity and degree of water level carpets are quick at absorbing any kind of liquid. Therefore, when you love your carpets dearly, it is necessary that you keep them safe from water damages.

Storms and Rainfall: Sudden storms often bring tons of water inside your property. Excessive water accumulation around your house leads to the foundation and structural damage. In addition, your carpets, furniture and several other belongings get ruined. In such situations, you should avail professional services for flooded carpet drying Perth. 

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Tail-tell Signs of Water Damage Carpets

Carpet damage can incur in your absence as well. You may be enjoying your vacations or just spending a day at your workplace. Meanwhile, your carpets can become victims of gradual leakage or flooding from a toilet overflow.

Inspect the condition of your carpets, before the situation gets worse. In case, you didn’t witness any flooding inside your house but can notice visible carpet water damage Perth, then it is a sign that calls for water damage carpet restoration.

Fadedness and Discoloration

Water damage often leads to discoloration in carpets. There may or may not be signs of mould growth, yet your carpets can appear faded. Although colourful carpets don’t appear faded with slight water damage, it is necessary to identify the source and repair it.

As soon as you notice a difference in your carpet’s appearance, avail professional services for wet carpet cleaning Perth. 

Musty Odour

A musty odour from carpets is the tail-tell sign of water damaged carpet. Usually, it’s the mould and mildew growth on the carpets that release a musty odor. Be quick at availing services for flooded carpet drying Perth. 

Don’t ignore or delay in contacting professionals at Emergency Flood Restoration Perth, as moulds can damage your carpets severely.

Wrinkled Carpets

Carpets get wrinkled because of moisture. The presence of moisture beneath the carpets means its adhesive has been damaged. So, when you notice wrinkles or bulks in the carpets, take it as a sign of water damage.

Hire reputed water damage restoration experts in Perth. Contact us and get your carpets restored in a pristine state.

Soggy Carpets

Stepping on the wet carpet is often annoying and unpleasant. Carpets that remain soaked in water for a long time lose their lifespan that forces you to go for carpet replacement.

Therefore, at the sight of soggy carpets, you should reach out to professionals. Carpet restoration specialists help in drying a wet carpet quickly using modern tools, devices, and skills.

Types of Water in Water Damage Carpets Perth

At Emergency Flood Restoration Perth, we have advanced solutions for all kind of water damages. Our Water Damage Carpets Perth experts provide customised solutions for these damages. Every water damage has a different impact on your property. Some of these damages are harmful and quickly turn into a health hazard. Therefore, our experts like to make everyone familiar with these damages. This will help you stay safe until our team arrives.

1. Clean Water Damage

Clean water damage comes from excessive rainwater from the roof, supply lines, sink or bath overflows, and appliance malfunctions. While this kind of water damage is not always harmful for people, it will cause wrinkles or stains on your carpet. It can also turn your carpet into a tripping hazard. As Perth’s dry carpet cleaning experts, we frequently come across and deal with clean water damages.

2. Grey Water Damage

Grey water damage is usually caused by toilet overflows, dishwashing water, washing machine overflows, and sump pump failures. This kind of damage is extremely harmful for your carpet and causes permanent damages. If you do not deal with such damages in time, you will have to replace your carpet. This can waste both your time and money. With our Perth’s wet carpet drying services, you can get emergency restoration services for grey water damages.

3. Black Water Damage

Black water damage is caused by sewage cleanup, contaminated rain water, or any ground surface water. This type of damage often carries contaminants, allergens and in some cases, toxic material. With black water damage, you are advised to leave the property or the damaged area of your property. It can cause serious health issues.

Black water damage is harmful for you, your carpets, and the structural integrity of your property. At Emergency Flood Restoration Perth, we recommend that you give us a call immediately when this kind of damage happens.

Procedure before Wet Carpet Cleaning & Drying in Perth?

When it comes to effective Wet Carpet Cleaning Perth, water damage carpet drying Perth experts at our company always recommend a quick response. We believe that in many cases, you can avoid various water damages by yourself. And protect your property before our team arrives. Let’s learn more about that.

1. As a safety precaution, you should turn off the main power switch at your property. During water overflows or leaks, this will help you avoid any electrical accidents.

2. Remove the excess water with a mop and bucket, but only if the water damage is from the clean water category. Wait for our team to arrive when the water damage is from the grey or black water damage category.

3. Protect your curtains or window blinds from water damages. Let our experts deal with it if they are already in contact with water.

4. If it’s not already damaged with water or wet carpet, move your furniture to a secure place.

5. If your carpet is already wet, put dry towels on it to avoid further spread of water.

6. Wear protive footwear and avoid any contact with the water.

7. Do not put wet furniture on a dry carpet. This will cause stains.

8. Turn off the main water valve at your property.

As flooded carpet drying Perth experts, we recommend these tasks to many homeowners and commercial establishments. It’s a great way to prevent permanent water damages to your property.

Process for Drying a Wet Carpet Quickly

At Emergency Flood Restoration Perth, we have advanced cleaning, drying, and restoration protocols for your carpets. For drying a wet carpet quickly always follow these protocols. It allows us to ensure effective and satisfactory results. We begin our work with:

1. Professional Inspection

We conduct a thorough inspection of your property. This helps us identify the class of water damage and its impact. We utilise advanced water sensing equipment, and thermal monitors to determine the overall impact of water damage.

2. Pre-cleaning Report

With a proper inspection, we can share a pre-cleaning report with you. This report explains the cleaning, drying, and restoration treatment required at your property. It will help you prepare for the treatment. Our experts also share information on damaged areas where sanitisation or deodorisation is necessary.

1. Water Extraction

The process of water extraction clean speeds up the cleaning, sanitation, and the drying of your carpet. We always use commercial-grade water extraction equipment to remove excess water. As water extraction can remove many harmful elements from your carpets, our wet carpet drying Perth experts always recommend and use this method. With our water extraction treatment, your flood-damaged carpets will be saved from many existing or potential damages.

4. Wet Carpet Drying & Restoration

Once the excess water is removed, we use advanced air blowers to dry the carpet. Our experts make sure that your carpet is dry from all sides. We conduct steam cleaning and sanitisation on your carpets. This helps us restore the safe and natural condition of your carpet. Our experts also deal with moisture released in the air by our drying and restoration treatment.

5. Antimicrobial Treatment

Our water damage carpet drying services come with effective antimicrobial therapy. It helps us protect your carpet from fungi build-up and mould growth. We take extra precautions to ensure the non-existence of mould growth.

6. Post-cleaning Inspection

Our water damage carpet cleaning Perth service also includes a post-cleaning inspection. This is a precautionary measure to deal with any missed or remaining water damages. And to confirm the satisfactory results of our solutions.

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Emergency Flood Restoration Perth is a professional company, providing advanced wet carpet drying and restoration services. Our solutions are widely appreciated by homeowners and commercial establishments in Perth. Water damage carpets cleaning solutions by us include commercial-grade cleaning/drying equipment, certified technicians, and advanced methods.

We also provide emergency cleaning, drying, and restoration services for your carpets. Our water damage carpet services are available 24/7 and come with the guarantee of satisfactory results. Feel free to get in touch with us any time and our experts will help you out.


1. Should carpet be replaced after water damage?

Ans- If the water damage carpet was left for more than 48 hours then it is advised to discard the carpet as it can not be restored. Wet carpet, if left unattended becomes a breeding ground for molds and mildew and also gets damaged beyond repair.

2. How do you fix water damaged carpet?

Ans – Water-soaked carpet can be restored by using industry-grade pumps and vacuums which are not available in shops. So, it is best that you quickly reach out to a professional flood damage carpet in Perth and get your carpet completely restored.

3. Is flooded carpet ruined?

Ans- If you quickly take action and get in touch with professional water damage carpet services then you can easily save your carpet. Professionals are equipped with advanced equipment and can easily restore your flooded carpet.

4. How much does it cost to remove water from carpet?

Ans- Average cost of water damage carpet cleaning ranges from $30 – $40 per hour. But the exact cost can vary depending upon the size of the carpet and the amount of damage.

5. What is the best way to dry a wet carpet?

Ans-  Best way of drying a wet carpet quickly is to create a good airflow. When you hire expert cleaners, they come equipped with heavy-duty dryers such as air movers and dehumidifiers that help them to quickly dry and eliminate any remnant of moisture from the carpet.

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