Do you think that vacuuming is sufficient for carpet cleaning? If yes, then you should know about advanced carpet cleaning methods like carpet steam cleaning and hot water extraction. These methods are widely used by trained cleaners to eliminate allergens, stains, mould particles, dirt particles and odours. A carpet becomes dirty with time in both commercial and residential properties. High foot traffic, muddy shoes, pet urine and many other things can make a carpet filthy. The modern techniques or methods have evolved over time.

Most preferred carpet cleaning methods:

1. Carpet Shampooing

This method has been used by experts for many years. In this technique, safe shampoo is used to clean the dirt and stains on the carpet. A mixture is prepared by combining water and shampoo. Then, a machine with a rotary brush is moved over the carpet. The lather is produced in this step. Lastly, lots of water is used to remove the dirty lather.

This method is considered budget-friendly. It could be used to clean sewage dirt, mud and debris from the carpet. Water has the capacity to penetrate into the carpet strands and remove the dirt from the inner side as well.

But, there are some cons related to carpet shampooing. It cannot be used on all kinds of carpets because sufficient water is required to clean the lather. Sometimes, the shampoo solution leaves residue on the carpet strands. Also, it is not easy to dry a wet carpet in the winter or rainy season.

Carpet shampooing is an effective method if used correctly. Professionals should always check whether the carpet is washable or not. They should also use biodegradable products to eliminate the side effects of shampooing.

2. Carpet Steam Cleaning

Does your pet leave horrible urine stains on the carpet? Does your carpet stink badly? If the answers to these questions are yes, then steam cleaning could be a perfect option for you. In this method, a steam carpet cleaner is used. It is a machine that continuously converts water into steam. When the hot steam comes in contact with the carpet, the stains disappear and germs die. The heat is able to break the bond between the dirt and stain particles. It makes the carpet look clean and presentable.

Carpet steam cleaning offers several benefits. It provides the advantage of deep cleaning without any use of harsh chemicals. This technique disinfects the carpet by killing unwanted pathogens and microbes. It becomes possible for the cleaners to eliminate stains and germs with help of natural steam. So, it is good for the environment and health too.

There are a few things that must be considered while cleaning the carpet with this method. The steam carpet cleaner should be of top-notch quality. You might cause damage to your carpet by utilising a poor-quality machine. Some carpets can’t tolerate the heat of steam. So, it is crucial to check the cleaning code before using this method.

3. Hot Water Extraction

Oil stains, grease stains, pet stains, dirt particles, shoe stains and many other impurities from a dirty carpet can be pulled out with the hot water extraction method. In this technique, a hot water extraction cleaner is used to heat the water continuously. The water is then injected into the carpet. Within a few minutes, the dirt from the contaminated carpet and its padding comes out.

Hot water is an eco-friendly ingredient that can safely clean a carpet. For better results, a cleaning agent could be used with hot water. Some people think hot water extraction cleaner machine could be dangerous for delicate and intricate carpets. But, that’s not always correct. It is safe to clean the carpets with hot water.

Professionals love to use this method in commercial places where foot traffic is high. The water not only removes the dirt but also kills the pests and microbes growing in the carpet. It is also a budget-friendly method and can be booked once or twice a year to maintain carpet cleanliness. Remember that the quality of the water extraction cleaner should be excellent.

4. Dry Cleaning

You would find ‘dry cleaning’ written on almost every costly and delicate carpet and upholstered furniture. It is a wonderful method that is water-free and mess-free. Whether it is the rainy season or winter season, you can choose this method on any day of the year.

Firstly, the cleaners use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters and extract the allergens, skin flakes, dust particles and pet hairs from the carpet. Next, the experts make use of dry cleaning solvents. They rub the products on the carpet. Within a few minutes, the dirt combines with the solvent. Lastly, the vacuum cleaner is again used to remove the dirt from the carpet. This method is great when it comes to materials like silk, velvet and leather. But, you can’t expect it to destroy the germs.

5. Encapsulation

This is another method that is effective in carpet cleaning and does not need water. A chemical is sprayed on the entire carpet. A machine with a rotary brush is used to spread and infuse the chemical into the carpet threads. The chemical used in the encapsulation method contains an acrylic polymer. It helps in crystallising the soil particles. All the soiled particles get separated from each other. It becomes easy to collect them in a vacuum cleaner.

By utilising this method, the cleaners are able to remove dirt and stains without wasting too much water. You would surely increase the life of your carpet by choosing this service 2-3 times a year.


When the carpets are left dirty for a long time, they take a toll on health. Even the life of a carpet reduces when the house owner or business owner does not pay attention to carpet cleanliness. The methods like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, hot water extraction, shampooing and encapsulation are effective in removing dust, dirt and stains. You could consider booking them regularly to get maintain the charm of your costly carpet.

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