Seeing your carpet filled with water, mud and who knows what contaminates is heartbreaking. You may feel hopeless and think of throwing your favourite flooring out of the house. But what if we say you can still make that carpet look like before? Yes, that’s possible with proper water extraction and cleaning procedure. According to experts, hot water extraction is the best procedure to save your carpet from germs, stains and soil.

Let’s dig deeper into the topic, read on: 

Differences Between Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction

Few carpet owners know that steam cleaning and hot water extraction carpet cleaning are two different techniques with slight changes. People usually use these terms as synonyms. The main difference is the temperature used in both processes. An expert knows the difference and uses the technique when it is applicable.

The temperature used for steam cleaning is higher as it converts the water into steam and kills the bacteria and germs from your carpet. But, the steams may not wash off the stains and remove heavy soil particles. That’s where the hot water extraction technique comes into the picture. The boiling water removes spills and mud effectively.

Steam cleaning is effective if you want to give a yearly treatment to your precious carpet or rug. But, when it comes to flooded carpets, especially with grey or black water, we recommend choosing hot water extraction instead of steam cleaning. No doubt steam cleaning has many benefits; it kills germs and removes stains. But, by looking at the condition of your carpet, you should choose the technique.

How Professionals Extract Water From Flooded Carpets? 

Hot water extraction is the most effective method to remove muddy water from flooded carpets. So, the professionals inspect the carpet’s condition and apply a cleaning solution to loosen up the soil particles trapped in the fibres. Then, they extract the water from the flooring and prevent detergent residues.

Your carpet may get ruined forever without proper ventilation, extraction, and cleaning. Even though extractors and steam cleaners are available in the market, DIY may not deep clean a flooded flooring. It may also leave detergent residues in the fibres, making it an ideal place for mould and mildew growth. So, it’s always wise to call experts that perform water extraction from carpet. 

5 Super-effective Tips to Dry a Wet Carpet

If you have experienced a flood at your place, you might be confused about where to start cleaning and how. But, with our expert guide, you don’t have to worry about anything. Follow the instructions below, and you will be fine:

  1. Extract the Water 

Within 24-48 hours, mould, bacteria and pests can attack and ruin your wet carpet. So, you have to dry it as soon as possible. The most critical step is to halt water flow into the problem region. The most straightforward technique to remove moisture or water from your carpet is to use a wet vacuum. Wet vacs are an excellent tool for removing water from your carpet, and they’re cheap too.

  1. Let the Air Flow 

To eliminate the stench and moisture from the room, create as much airflow as possible in the damp region. To help dry things out, open windows, turn on fans and place a fan on the floor. High-powered fans are ideal for this application. A little airflow is preferable to none if you have ordinary fans. To remove even more moisture from the air, consider using a dehumidifier.

  1. Remove Furniture

By removing furniture, you will have space to clean and dry the carpet. Also, cleaning the floor helps as the uncleaned floor may damage carpets again.

  1. Sanitise the Room

To stop the spreading of mould and other contaminants, we recommend sanitising your room and the entire house. Include the sanitisation process of the walls, furnishings, floor, paintings, frames, tiles, and everything else.

  1. Hire Carpet Cleaning Experts 

Professionals use effective techniques, ventilation processes and sanitisation to ensure the complete safety of you and your carpet. The experts guarantee the results and offer safe methods. Their advanced machines, specialised knowledge and experience let you have your carpet back.

Emergency Flood Restoration Perth is a renowned company that offers hot water extraction carpet cleaning services. Our local cleaners are well-trained; their unique techniques can save your carpet from permanent damage. We prioritise our customer’s health and remove all germs, stains, mud and dust particles from the flooring’s fibres. Talk to the experts now to learn more about our services!

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